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    February 16, 2010
  • It will be interesting to see if TexMex cuisine will influence your diet for awhile. I’m surprised after your time in the southwest that y’all haven’t experimented with MASECA (corn/lime flour) and pinto beans (a complete protein combo). We really love baked beans with honey, and a MASECA crust on the top. Kind of a southwest pot pie. 🙂

    Food must be a hard subject to blog about if you are running low on fuel. Have you considered adding honey to your mobile pantry. It doesn’t go bad, its calorie dense, and it complements both food and tea. If its too sweet for you try buying safflower honey and staying away from the star-thistle variety. 🙂

    February 16, 2010
  • Out of my interest in some day traveling around by bike, I must ask, “What about water?” What do you do for water when you’re in the desert for these stretches?

    (Thanks for sharing!)

    February 16, 2010
  • M&M Peanuts possibly the best traveling snack ever invented!

    February 17, 2010
  • The other Carl

    With out getting all preachy (me being vegan and all, we often do.. 🙂
    I have found as a vegan that it is possible to to extreme things physically
    on nuttin’ but fruits veges and nuts. I commute 30 mi each way into LBC 2-3 x per week.
    Adrian S. does the same 5 days/wk same miles as a Raw vegan. he also went across the USA Georgia to Calif. and Tour
    Divide route Canada to Mexico as a vegan. Carl Lewis was a vegan and won gold medals.
    I stepped into this over a 3 year period and came from a “losing weight / health aspect” but know I see the compassionate side too.
    It is really amazing how good I am feeling 1 year as a vegan/ 3 years vegetarian. Weight is a issue I struggled with all my
    life. I see now that the struggle came from eating non-nutritous Standard American Diet(SAD). I can go on
    but my message is one of many I hope add up into a synchronistic mega message. I ate “normal” for years – it was slowly killing me.
    and I find it sad that I found out and acted on it way later than I should have. I also understand we all have
    and should be our own path-follow your heart.

    February 17, 2010
  • Dear Carl,
    Maybe I’m more attuned to it from living with colitus for tweenty years but, I think if you read between the lines, it’s about how individual bodies react to food. that’s all, no opinions being offered.

    P.S. Carl lewis might have been the greatest vegan ever but, i’d rather hear
    a carnivor that cansing the national anthem 🙂

    February 17, 2010
  • Joshua Baker

    Firstly, I’ve been lurking for weeks. You guys rock. I have my own LHT on order right now. Can’t wait to get on the road.

    Second, I second the honey idea. Other suggestions: Oatmeal(I like to do super natural kind cut half/half with regular Quaker stuff. Makes it have more volume and adds more texture. Protein powders have come a long way from their early days, they’re light and some are very calorie dense(plus they taste good) and some are reasonably “natural.”

    Third, I don’t think it’s necessary to for you to apologize for Russ not being a Fundamentalist Vegetarian/Vegan.

    The other Carl: You are preachy, you’re condescending, and your commute is not “extreme.” Whenever I go past Petsmart and they have the “Adopt our Bunnies” booth setup I look at the photos imagining how delicious they would be with a glass of Merlot. Same goes for healthy cats, dogs, doves, and most anything that crawls, walks, flies, or swims. Tigers don’t feel bad about chomping on baby Tapirs. Neither should we.



    February 17, 2010
  • Personally I believe that avoiding packed food when possible is number 1. Sweets are absolutely out of the question since they are just fast energy providers that make you eat less from the real food later in the day so you will be hungry for fast sugers again and so on and on. Only exception is dark chocolate when crossing high 5000 metre passes and plateaus.

    Although I try my best, a few months of travelling will always make me lose 4-8 kilos depending on altitude.

    A good meal at the end of the day is my remedie. When the muscles are not asking for too much attention, the digestive system wakes up and can handle the abuse of stuffing pasta into it. Making the meal tasty by herbs and spices is a good way to keep the appetite.


    Sebastian Wevers

    February 20, 2010
  • […] will really depend upon our particular diets.  Russ and Laura over at The Path Less Pedaled have a great post discussing what their particular bodies “need” while bike touring.  In a nut shell, […]

    December 07, 2010

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