• armando

    “metalsmithing tools” hahaha!

    August 05, 2015
  • Joe

    Great write-up! That’s a wonderful route you two chose.

    I think I might have passed you two on your way down the east side of Lolo. I was riding up over the pass on the paved side while you two were at the bottom of a very winding descent through the power lines.

    We waved. I was solo on a mountain bike with revelate bags (if you could tell…). If it was you I saw, I remember because you were the only riders loaded for touring who I’d seen all weekend.

    Anyhoo, glad you had fun on your first trip over Lolo. It’s a real beauty!


    -Joe F

    August 05, 2015
  • Joe,
    That was us. Nice to see a fellow bicyclist on the road! Did you start from Hood River? What was your route? It was our first time biking that way. So much to explore around Hood.


    August 05, 2015
  • Daniel

    Definitely copying this route and will have to take a long weekend. Looks like a lot of fun and of course the scenery is great.

    August 06, 2015
  • Nice ride!

    Ah yes, GPS can get you into trouble, but thankfully, this time it didn’t. When I rode Lolo Pass Road in 2012, I heard from the ranger at the Zigzag Ranger Station that they have to “rescue” a few tractor-trailers from the road each winter. Despite the fact that the road prohibits commercial traffic/tractor-trailers (and is signed) and that the road isn’t maintained in winter, some unlucky trucker decides to drive over Lolo Pass because their GPS indicates it’s the shortest way to get back to 84 from US 26. So they’ll drive until they can’t, and since there’s no way for the truck to turn around, they have to get towed out.

    And I understand that riding as light as possible is always best, but I rode Lolo Pass Road with my moderately-laden boat-anchor LHT, and didn’t find it that much of a slog. I just got in the low gear and kept spinning. So for other folks considering riding Lolo Pass, don’t be intimidated!

    August 06, 2015
  • Justin Smirk

    My friend Stephen and I mostly followed this route to Hood River from where we followed the river (old highway) mostly back to Portland. It was done in the wonderful sunshine of late September and it was a magical ride and we would like to thank you for posting it. It inspire us to do more and it was worth it. It was one of the many reason we came to Portland rather than anywhere else in the North West on our short trip from Australia.

    January 07, 2016
  • Justin,
    Awesome! Glad you guys enjoyed the route!.


    January 11, 2016
  • Jane Pullman

    Wow! I loved your account of the riding you did. So inspiring. I live in inner SE Portland and have always wanted to ride in the Gorge. Having lived on the WA side in a commune in the ’70s, I familiar with the WA side so your article got me interested in the OR side.

    One question: I’ve toured carry about 40lbs and that’s too much weight for me. About how many lbs were you carrying? You said “light,” but can you please be more specific? Thanks for the great story! Jane

    December 08, 2016
  • Hey there Jane,
    On this trip, we were able to link together some creative lodging (cabin on Lost Lake, tent-cabin in Hood River) and because of this we didn’t have to carry any shelter. Both places also had food nearby so no cooking gear either. It was a treat 🙂 So our loads were probably in the 20lb range.


    December 09, 2016

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