Case Studies

There are hundreds of different bike and outdoor recreation tourism initiatives in all corners of the world. They are all unique – and they all have similarities and lessons to teach us. And, since there’s nothing like learning straight from someone who’s already puzzled through a similar issue, we have long endeavored to capture and share case studies.

Treo Bike Tours: How a hunting lodge began offering bicycle tours to extend its season and keep employees year-round.

Flat Tire Lounge: How a bicycle-themed bar along a rail trail in Central Iowa has exceeded all expectations.

Spoke’n Hostel: How a small-town hostel is embracing cyclists and winning at hospitality.

Great Shasta Rail Trail: The importance of communication and branding.

Apex Bar: How being bike-friendly has cemented Apex’s reputation as a must-visit bar.

Otago Central Rail Trail: How a 90km rail trail revitalized a dying part of New Zealand.

The New Zealand Cycle Trail Network: How the Otago Central Rail Trail spurred the National Government to fund $50million for new cycle track construction.

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