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We believe that bicycle tourism is a great fit for small to medium sized destinations.  But, we also understand that in small communities bandwidth and budget are often constraints to executing successful bicycle tourism campaigns.  We want to take that barrier away and jumpstart your progress to creating a successful bicycle destination by offering a personalized online consultation.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Relying on over 5 years of experience exclusively working within the bicycle tourism niche in both marketing and development capacities, we will share our experience with you to help you be successful.

Contact us today or email us at (pathlesspedaled at gmail dot com) and tell us a little bit about your community and let’s get the wheels turning!


I think we have all sat through well-intentioned webinars which are nothing more than on-line power point presentations, which may or may not address your specific needs.  This is not a webinar, it is an online consultation (we use Skype so we can record and provide you a copy of the session).  We will provide a boiler plate presentation that you can read at your own leisure, but this session is specifically about your community and destination.  We will listen to your current status and give you an honest evaluation of the opportunities for your destination.  We will share with you case studies of communities in similar situations (we have a quickly growing library of video and audio interviews with DMOs, CVBs, businesses and event organizers).  We will help you devise a series of low cost and actionable steps to help you develop into a bicycle destination.

We are deeply invested in the niche of bicycle tourism and want communities to succeed.   Our feedback will be honest.  We will identify the challenges and opportunities you will face so you can evaluate from the beginning if a further investment in bicycle tourism makes sense.

-After signing up for a consultation we will request some more information about your area and we will do some cursory research to tailor the session.
-We will schedule a video call via Skype (we use Skype so we can record the call and provide you a copy)
-During the call we will listen to your questions and provide you the best advice we can and suggest actionable steps.
-Post call we will send you a document summarizing our call with actionable advice and as well as contacts that may be able to help you on your journey.

Contact us today or email us at (pathlesspedaled at gmail dot com) and tell us a little bit about your community and let’s get the wheels turning!


– Guest on Tourism Upgrade Podcast (Bicycle Tourism Opportunities for Tourism Destinations)
-Listed as one of the New Heroes of Cycling by Bicycling Magazine in 2016 for our bicycle tourism work
-Influencer video series for Southwest Montana
-Influencer video series for Visit Mississippi
-Working with TravelOregon to create marketing around landmark Scenic Bikeway Program
-Working with TravelOregon to create first visitor facing Bicycle Friendly Business Program
-Bicycling content creation for TravelIowa and Visit Idaho
-Bike destination consulting for Visit Ridgeland and Visit Lodi



Idaho Walk Bike Summit (2018)
Vermont Walk Bike Summit (2018)
• National Bicycle Tourism Conference (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016)
• National Bicycle Tourism Conference (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016)
• Southeast Bicycle Tourism Summit; Chattanooga, Tennessee (2016)
• Heartland Byway Conference; Council Bluffs, Iowa (2016)
• Nebraska Agri/Eco Tourism Conference; Grand Island, Nebraska (2016)
• Lodi Bicycle Summit; Lodi, California (2015)
• Nevada Bicycle & Pedestrian Summit; Henderson, Nevada (2015)
• International Trails Symposium; Portland, Oregon (2015)
• Alabama State Bicycling Summit; Montgomery, Alabama (2015)
• Two-Wheeled Tourism Panel; Waterford, Ontario, Canada (2014)
• ChangeMaker Program Events; University of San Diego, California (2014)
• Iowa State Tourism Conference; Council Bluffs, Iowa (2014)
• Texas Trails & Active Transportation Conference; Fort Worth, Texas (2014)
• Community Meetings: Ridgeland, Mississippi (2014); Malvern, Perry, Ankeny, Iowa (2014); Fairhope, Alabama (2015); Maupin, Oregon (2016); Pullman, Tri-Cities, Washington (2016)