Successful Bike & Outdoor Recreation Tourism

Since 2009, we have looked at travel and tourism through an advocacy and community development lens. What makes a community bike-friendly? What are travelers looking for in an outdoor recreation destination? What makes a place stand out against other similar locations?

Over the years, we’ve connected with hundreds of community members and business owners, and we’ve looked at what works and what doesn’t. The lessons we’ve learned – for building a successful destination, as well as marketing one – inform our client work and our advocacy.

Whether you’re at the beginning of an initiative or looking to fine-tune your offerings, whether you want to do it yourselves or hire us to help make it happen, you’ll find a wealth of tips, lessons learned and next steps.

Not sure where to start? A few options:

Case Studies

NZ Cycle Trail and Rural Communities

I’ve done a re-edit of our last video that focuses specifically on the interviews with the NZ Cycle Trail Team. We hope to share it as a resource for other bike advocates trying to make...

Bicycling is the New Gold Rush

(This is our final installment of Kiwi Chronicles in partnership with Bicycle Times and Adventure Cycling. Look for a link with some behind the scenes production notes on the Bicycle Times website soon.) We are...

Flat Tire Lounge

Flat Tire Lounge: Bikes, Beer, and Business Ever since our experience on the Otago Rail Trail in New Zealand, where we saw first hand how a trail can re-vitalize a rural region, we’ve been looking...

TREO Ranch

From Bird Hunting to Bicycle Tours – The TREO Ranch Story For the last two years we’ve been following the fascinating story of TREO Ranches, a bird hunting lodge owned by Phil Carlson and his...

Lessons from the Great Shasta Rail Trail

We first learned about the Great Shasta Rail Trail several months ago, and have since been following the progress with great interest. The 80-mile corridor cuts through the forest south of Mt Shasta in Northern...