We’ve been making content around bicycle travel since 2009.  It started as a passion project but has morphed into a business of sorts.  Our big hairy goal is to make it all financially sustainable so we can keep making bicycling content.  We are asking you our dear viewers and readers to help us.  If  you enjoy the stories we tell and get value from the videos we make, consider supporting our Youtube channel.

Supple Shirts

We also sell shirts with our SUPPLE and Further designs on our Spreadshirt store.  The shirts aren’t too fitted, have a nice soft hand to them and we’ve found that the printing holds up to washes really well.

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The monthly pledge gives us a way to plan and save so we can create better trip videos.


For those that aren’t fans of PayPal and would like to support us on Patreon, we set up a page here:

We have some fun benefits at various supporter levels.  Everything from stickers, original watercolors to even an online whisky tasting 🙂


We offer limited runs of patches we design and are made in the US.  They go really quickly!

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