I think I speak for both Laura and I when I say, wow! The site has been barely launched but we’ve gotten a ton of great comments and emails of support. Thanks to everyone that is linking to the site and helping spread the word (Richard Masoner, Kent Peterson, Jonathan Maus, RowdyKittens)!

I thought I’d create a map of the rough locations where people have offered support or help in some way. It really is incredible. The route is slowly coming together. So thanks again to all you gracious readers. We won’t let you down!

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I’d like to start collecting tips of people that you may know (could be you), that you think is living a life less ordinary. It could be an artist, a maker, crafter, bike commuter, community activist…anyone who is living their dream out loud, someone who listened to that impassioned voice whispering in their ear despite the din of the status quo.

I think that there’s real value in finding these stories and sharing it with others. It’s inspirational. It shows that there are so many different ways to live a good life. I think that especially in these troubled times, these stories will give people hope and the courage to listen to that voice that we too often try to keep quiet.

For my own selfish benefit, I want to meet these people and understand the wisdom they have to offer. They don’t have to be famous or rich, they just have to have the vision to dream a life they want and the fortitude to make it happen.

So, who inspires you (and what’s their email address : ) ? Tell us in our contact form.