The Path Less Pedaled is getting Web 2.0 compliant today.

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I for one, really love the new technology and have always dreamed of doing a real time internet adventure. There are a few bike tourists that I follow online and I get such a kick of watching their progress. We hope to do the same. I want this whole project to be as if you took Jack Kerouac, Ira Glass, bicycles and Ian Hibell and mashed them all together and put it online! A sort of “On the Road” on bicycles but with a bit more direction (less drugs) and all happening in real time.

On a related note, we’re investigating smart phones and some sort of portable computing system. I keep waffling between the iPhone and Google phone. Personally, I have real issues with AT&T so am leaning towards the G1. The laptop is in the air as well. I have a MacBook right now, but it is a bit heavy and bulky. A Macbook Air might do, or something like a high powered Asus, or perhaps this mysterious new Apple product that has yet to be released.

If anyone has any leads with any telecom/smartphone/portable laptop companies that might be interested in a creative sponsorship. Let us know!