I sort of have this strange obsession about where my things will end up. I like to imagine the next owner of whatever I’m giving away or selling to be someone smart, thoughtful and with discerning taste. Not always the case, I’m sure, but I can’t help imagine the hidden life of the things we’re giving away.

I’ve decided to sort of document where some of our things are going for the purpose of practice, but also to fulfill this need I have in me to find some strange quirky story.

Take for example, this craigslist listing I put up:

“Selling my Zoom H2 audio recorder. Good condition. Includes box and instructions. Upgraded to a Sony so selling this one. Firm.”

I got a response the next day. The person left their phone number and I called him. We talked a little about the recorder and then I asked him what he was going to use it for. He said his friend owns a bookshop and they have live shows there. Within a few sentences, we figured out that we were both friends of the same bookshop owner, Shea. In fact, it was Shea that had told him to buy the recorder.

It’s a small world sometimes.

I met up with Scott, took a few portraits and recorded some audio (going to put it together this weekend). They’re going to use the H2 for some experimental audio projects, but also to record some live music at the bookstore.

I find this so completely satisfying. My little Zoom H2 will live another life in the hands of some friends and will be put to good use.