Today, I went to the doctor and had a physical. My last “free” one before Laura’s insurance runs out at the end of the month. To be honest, I was completely terrified of this one. It’s funny how whenever it’s time for a physical every bump, ache and fleeting pain seems like the big C. Know what I mean? I had the doctor double check things and they drew some blood. I don’t know the results of the blood work yet but things look good.

I did have some dark thoughts this past weekend. What if on the verge of going I get sick and we can’t leave? What happens to a dream deferred? All these doubts and fears creep in when you let your guard down and it’s so easy to let them eat at you and wear you down.

What I’m coming to understand with this slow march towards our launch date is that doing this sort of adventure is as much (if not more) a mental challenge than a physical one. Turning the pedals over is actually the easy part when compared to keeping fears and doubts at bay. There are fears of leaving a place we’ve grown so use to, fears of doing something “impractical”, fears of not knowing where you’re going to sleep or what you’re going to eat the next day.

Coupled with all those latent fears though is the whispered promise of some great highs and adventures. The prospect of climbing a mountain pass and looking down to an endless valley below. The giddy excitement of meeting wonderful and fascinating people on the road with their stories and life lessons to share. Risk and reward. The net disappears but the sky opens to infinity.

So far, things are good. I’m in good health. (It’s amazing how much these things matter just a little bit over this side of thirty!). I can’t wait to finally leave. All this preparation is mentally tiring. It’s so easy to psyche yourself out when you have the time to kill.