When we got back from the Carrizo Plain trip last week, I walked in the front door and thought: “Geez, this apartment is HUGE! Why do we have all this stuff?”

Well, I’m happy to report that, next weekend, we have two great events planned for getting rid of a lot of what’s still lingering. With any luck, we’ll be living in a much emptier apartment afterward.

First up, early Saturday morning is a Yard Sale! If you’re in the Long Beach area and feel like collecting some of the stuff we’re getting rid of, swing by. Our friend is letting us (and other friends) borrow her house – it has a perfect yard on a well-traveled street – an excellent location!

Then, on Sunday, it’s Books & Beer! I think we might have to keep a tally of how many books we clear off the shelves and how many remain that need to be donated to the library. Fortunately, we have three delightful friends who are book-sellers, so I think we have a real shot of getting the majority of them out the door.

So, this weekend, I’m going back to focusing on clearing stuff out (and putting little price tags on the stuff for the yard sale). We’re officially shooting for a leave date sometime in July or August – so it’s time to get cracking!