While we’re getting rid of stuff we’re also simultaneously acquiring and organizing the things we’re going to need for our trip. In the last few weeks we’ve acquired a few new bits of kit that you guys might find interesting.

The Kitchen Sink
I told you we were bringing it! While this isn’t something we’ve really needed during our short tours, for a long extended tour it seems like it could come in pretty handy. I reviewed this Sea to Summit kitchen sink on E.C. last week. It is essentially a folding basin/bucket that holds 20L of water. When folded it is about the size of a short stack of pancakes. It quickly expands to hold enough water to do laundry or dishes. Laura and I already hand wash our clothes, so that’s no big deal. This, however, should come in handy when there isn’t a conveniently sized wash basin around.

Swift Industries Front Panniers
Swift Industries is a small independent maker of bicycle bags based in Seattle, WA. They sent me a full set of their panniers to review for E.C. and Laura and I were both so impressed that we decided to buy two pairs of their front panniers. For the most part, we’ve only toured with rear panniers. However, since we’re going to be on the road longer, we’re carrying a fair bit more stuff that needs to be properly distributed around the bike. We’re hoping to meet up with them when we pass through Washington.

GoPro Hero Cam
In addition to stills, I’ve decided to shoot some video while on tour. We’re not bringing a Canon XL1 or anything. We’re going to do everything with simple lightweight gear with the knowledge that our final output is the web and not an HD TV screen. The goal is to update often so you guys feel like you’re riding along. I have a Flip already and recently have been playing with the GoPro Hero Cam. The video quality is just OK, but it makes a great dedicated bicycle POV cam. I’m thinking I’ll be using it to record the EPIC downhills we’ll be riding ; )