Many moons ago, before we had discovered bike touring, Laura and I took a roadtrip to Vancouver via car. That was when I first saw a bike tourist. It seemed so alien, strange, terrifying, romantic and beautiful all at once – watching these people on their bikes going all of 3mph up a hill with smiles on their faces.

When we returned from that roadtrip I found this book at the local used bookstore. I was instantly mesmerized and fantasized about riding my bicycle around the world. Shortly after, Laura and I did our first short tour and we were hooked – doomed to a life of bicycle travel : )

Well, it’s our turn to pass this wonderful book on to inspire others. All you have to do is tweet or email us a 140 character phrase/poem/ sentence on the theme of Bicycle Adventure.

It could be a haiku about your first bike ride, or a phrase that sums up how it feels to conquer a giant hill. Use your imagination. You can either tweet us @pathlesspedaled or use our Contact form to submit. The entries will be judged by Laura and I and the help of some writers from The District Weekly. We’ll read the winning entry at our farewell party in Long Beach and ship the book off to you for free.

Enter now and we will announce the winner Wed night!

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