If you’re following us on twitter (@pathlesspedaled ) then you already know that we participated in a quintessential Portland bikey experience – the bike move. We heard about it yesterday from our chance encounter with DonnaB and it sounded like a fun thing to do. She told us that they usually started with breakfast and ended with beer – who can say no to that?

So at 10:45am-ish Laura and I rolled up to the apartment of a complete stranger ready to move his stuff by bicycle. In no time, every manner of cargo bicycle showed up from an Xtracycle, a pair of Mundos, a CETMA front loader, a recumbent trike with a trailer, work bike trailers, etc., It was a utilitarian cyclist’s wet dream. Among the people there was Jeff Mapes, author of Pedal Revolution, a book that I was reading on the train! What a small world.

As advertised there was some breakfast, there was some moving and there was some beer (Lompoc – an IPA and a red). We met some fun interesting people and we really felt at home. What a great group! We’ve only been in town for a day and a half and we’ve had some great conversations with people. Ah, Portland, we will miss you!