Laura and I have been doing a little island hopping here in the San Juan archipelago. So far, we’re both absolutely in love with Orcas Island.

Many places we’ve ridden have been beautiful, but non quite like Orcas. Although it has the reputation of being one of the hilliest islands in the San Juan’s it is absolutely beautiful here. The riding is superb with some great rollers and gut busting hills that are rewarded with some thrilling downhills and of course, the beautiful view.

While riding around the last few days I had this Modest Mouse song in my head and had to make a video with it. I accidentally set my GoPro Hero Wideto shoot stills while on a descent. It was an accident, but I decided to incorporate the 115 stills it took with some riding video and I think it came out great.

So far, I’ve been pleased with the GoPro Hero Wide– it has its limitations but if you work within them it’s a blast and a great way to get some footage of your adventures. If you’re interested in getting one, buy one from our linkand you will help out the site as well!