We were planning to push off towards the coast today taking Smith River Road, but we decided to stay an extra day so I could do a family portrait session with our hosts Shane and Missy. Coincidentally, they did a circumnavigation of the US by bike a few years ago! Shane is also the program manager for Safe Routes to School here in Eugene – so needless to say that there is a lot of bikeyness going on.

I spent the day doing a “day in the life” style family portrait with them and it was loads of fun. I realized how much I missed plying my trade – photography. Yes, I get to shoot fun travel style photos while on the road but I really enjoy portrait work, so it was a comforting thing to bring out the DSLR and shoot for a few hours. I’m making a conscious decision to shoot with it more on this trip.

So here are some snaps. Shane has a great Long John style cargo bike that he bought from CAT in Eugene that he has had for 12 years. He recently added a box to it to carry Isadora around town.

I played the slideshow of the shoot after dinner and we watched it on the laptop and ate ice cream with strawberries from their garden.

So tomorrow we REALLY push off and hit the coast. Sometimes these things happen and that’s the great joy of an open-ended tour. Thanks Shane, Missy and Isadora for being great hosts!

We’ll be hitting the Bay Area in a few weeks, so if you want to book a photoshoot (portrait or food!) don’t be shy in contacting us!