Catching up on some downloading. Here are a few photos from the last few days.

Laura making some headbadges for our hosts on Orcas.

Carl holding up one of the finished headbadges.

A parting shot of Carl and Beth.

Laura and I found this cool trail leading out of Anacortes. Part of it is on this sliver of land where there use to be a railroad.

We rode up Chuckanut road until we found the interurban path. It was a pretty nice and gentle climb that had some great views.

This is a shot of the interurban trail leading into Bellingham. Gravel-ish and hard packed dirt. It felt like riding through Jurrasic Park.

Back to civilization here in Eugene, our host Shane brings his Xtracycle and bike blender to a neighborhood party.

Music at the party.

Isadora peeps out of her sling.