Laura and I get lots of emails about the different bits of gear we are using and how they are all holding up. We thought we’d do some product highlights of things we find that work pretty well. For full disclosure’s sake, we’ll let you know if it is gear that has been given to us as a review sample. We’re pretty honest and don’t have a whole lot to gain by blowing smoke here. Also in the spirit of full disclosure, we are participating in some affiliate links. If you purchase something through the links on the site, we’ll get a little pocket change to keep our trip going. Good for you and good for us!

Sea to Summit Kitchen Sink

The fact is that when you are on the road long enough, you and your stuff is going to get dirty. Real dirty. This is where something like the Sea to Summit Kitchen Sink comes in real handy. It is essentially a foldable wash basin that packs down to something the size of a short stack of pancakes.

We have the 20L version (if you’re gonna buy one, get the big one and erase any existential doubt) and it is large enough to wash almost every stitch of clothing we have in one go. You could also use it to wash dishes or as a face/body basin when no shower is present. We have also used it to keep meat and drinks cold in camp. Fill it up with some icy river water and you have crude refrigeration.

We really like ours. Sometimes there is no sink at a campsite, or if there is, it is really small. We probably wouldn’t take it on a short weekend tour, but on tours longer than a week it would probably find its way into our panniers.

You can buy yours here and help us out.