First off, thanks for all the kind words regarding my hand! It’s nice to know that people have had similar experiences and that it’s not the end of the world but part of the great (and sometimes painful) learning experiment – life. While my hand is healing and Laura is getting over the cold (same one I had a few days ago), we’ve been hanging out in Sacramento. We’ve been really fortunate that during this time where we both have to convalesce, we have had some homestays from some very generous people.

Two of those people are Logan and Tammy. They are a great couple who have been following our journey for awhile and who hope to do their own similar bike adventure in the future. They are both interested in simple living and the tiny house movement. Tammy has a blog, Rowdy Kittens, that covers a lot of simple living news.We’ve had some great conversations during the last few days and it has been a great joy getting to know them.

Today, we did a portrait session in the park. They are both car free so the three of us rode our bicycles (naturally!) to the shoot. The weather was perfect and the warm colors of fall were just starting to spread throughout the trees.

Burnt hand and all, I still feel blessed to be where we are and to have met all the great people along our strange slow journey.