We spent the day today running some errands (AKA spending too much money at REI). Laura picked up some new cool looking camp pants and a
down jacket
for the impending cold of winter. I got some knickknacks, most notably a new
LED lantern
to test out.

After our pockets were sufficiently drained for the day our great hosts Adam and Julia took us on ride through the Berkeley hills. We went up Spruce to Tilden Park to Inspiration Point. It was a nice enjoyable grade without 85lbs of gear on the bike. We quickly left the urban feel of the city and were into the hills on a road that followed the ridge line. Once we hit Tilden Park, we took a little path into Rivendell country – lots of rolling hills and grass.

It was beautiful scenery and a great way to see a different side of Berkely we’ve never seen before.