Hey everyone! We thought we’d let you share in our little celebration today… It’s our anniversary… seven whole years!

When Russ and I first started dating, neither of us rode a bike. I had an old mountain bike that I’d gotten for my 15th or 16th birthday that sat around and didn’t really get used much. Russ was actually on speed skates! We’d spend the afternoon going up and down the beach path, Russ skating alongside me as I ran (or sometimes rode the old bike). It wasn’t a very good pairing, but it got us outside and spending time together. We’d also go on adventures via the light rail into LA or (insert horrified gasp here) we’d hop in my car and drive somewhere.

We have changed a lot as people over the past seven years. And if you’d told us seven years ago that we’d be selling all of our stuff and riding bicycles around the world, I bet we would have been a bit dumbfounded. What do you mean ride a bike around the world?

But, as much as the details have changed, our relationship has always been full of adventures and explorations (to the point that our running joke is why do we always end up finding the ghetto?). We both have a sense of wanderlust and curiosity about what else is out there that drew us together… and keeps us together.

So, when it dawned on us the other day that our anniversary was fast approaching (we’ve been a bit focused on other things lately), Russ joked, “Wanna go somewhere?”

And, tomorrow, we will, as we’ll be back on the road. But, today calls for a toast to this incredible journey and partnership that we’ve been so fortunate to experience.

Thanks everyone for coming along with us!

(P.S. I would put up photos of the “old” us, but they’re all packed away in boxes. So, use your imagination!)