We are in Long Beach visiting friends and planning the next leg of our trip. While familiar and comforting, it seems a bit strange to be back. Sort of like visiting the old office you use to work at or dropping in your old highschool teacher to catch up. We’ve been away long enough to feel a little displaced and disembodied (not having an apartment anymore also adds to it!). Strangers in a once familiar land.

While lacking in terms of personal possessions, we are realizing how wealthy we are in terms of friends. Many have offered us a room or a floor to sleep on while we are in town Many have been helping us find work while we are here to refill the coffers. We feel blessed.

Laura and I joke that we’ve been so much more social than we ever were living here. It’s funny how it takes going away and coming back to realize the strength of the ties you have with people.

Laura has been making bike mustaches and I’ve been taking photos – shooting food and some snaps for the local weekly.

I’ve been carrying a lightstand, softbox and strobes for over 2500 miles so it’s nice to finally use them.

Our adventure isn’t over. We’re planning to hit the road again in early/mid December. We’re working on some projects that cover the first leg of our trip (e-books, real books, posters, etc.,). So stay tuned, the road still calls and there is still many miles to go.