A few photos from the Salton Sea.

There is something that feels timeless and prehistoric about this place…something about how the mountains just seem to abruptly rise from the sea. At any minute you’d expect to see pterodactyls skimming across the water.

An early morning view from our campsite.

Jenny and Steve, the couple who we shared Christmas dinner with. They spotted our live broadcast and waved us down while we were cycling on the road and invited us for dinner. Jenny is heavily involved with the local community and has facilitated the refurbishing of the historic Salton Sea Yacht club.

A great view of the sea and mountains from inside the soon to be reopened yacht club museum.

Laura and Jenny at the entrance of the San Andreas oasis.

The palm trees were enormous!

A pool of collected water in the oasis.

I wonder which way the wind blows?

Goofing off at the abandoned playground.

The whole area is a photographer’s dream!

The sunset view from our campsite.