Writing from the Space Lodge in Gila Bend, AZ. We put in a few longish days for us, combined with stealth camping and decided to get a room for the night to take a shower, do laundry and watch cable television 🙂

The days here in southern AZ have been surprisingly pleasant. 70s and sun. The nights are chilly and long so it will be nice to be in a room with four walls before the stretch to Tucson. Last night we stealth camped again just outside a blip on the map, Sentinel, AZ.

Sometime around 10:30pm we heard a truck on the road sort of idle around where we were. We were a good 100 yards from the road but at night sound travels and it might as well have been right next to us. We heard some voices and the truck lingered for about 15 minutes before leaving. Nothing too dramatic, but it was enough to put us into survival mode for a few heart pounding minutes. Other than that one instance, our experience with stealth camping so far has been very pleasant. Aside from merely being free, camp is quiet and generally in a rather nice location.

Just to catch up everyone on our travels so far – after Niland and Slab City, we went south and had a wonderful homestay with Carter and Sandra in Brawley, CA. Carter use to race in 24 hour mountain bike events. Sandra, as well as working at the hospital, keeps several birds and large parrots and she gave us a crash course into bird behavior. They were a wonderful and kind couple. Carter also took us to some of the best Mexican food we have ever eaten. If you’re in Brawley, be sure to stop by Christine’s!

After Brawley, we head south until we hit interstate 8 and take that into Arizona. The riding is straight with a few hills, but mostly either flat or gently ascending. We are passed by what seems to be an endless stream of RVs pulling trailers with ATVs, dune buggies and other OHVs. ‘Tis the season in the desert to rev up your engines and hit the dunes. We pass a series of dunes just before Arizona and it is an amazing sight to behold, hundreds if not thousands of RVs dot the landscape.

On our way into Yuma we pass the Center of the World – a strange roadside attraction in Felicity, CA. It is a series of granite stones with various histories etched into them. There is also a pyramid, a church and a piece of the Eiffel Tower.

When we get to Yuma, we got invited to a BBQ by the Yuma Bike Club and meet Chad, who has been helping us by email with various tips as we pass through town. They are a fun and eclectic bunch and its nice to socialize after being in the sticks the last few days.

After Yuma, we continue eastward. Our next big stop is Tucson, AZ. We are trying to set up a presentation but haven’t heard back from any of the places we’ve emailed – so hang tight. If we don’t get a venue, it might still be fun to do a happy hour over there and meet some readers. If you’re in the area and are interested – zip us an email (also suggest a good place to meet).