Just rode into Van Horn after a long 65 mile day. We are staying in an awesome bike friendly hotel in Van Horn called the El Capitan. If you’re riding the Southern Tier of the ACA route, you’ll pass through Van Horn. You should stay here. Great friendly staff that welcomes cyclists and perhaps just as important, they have a big elevator that will fit a fully loaded touring bike : )

Here’s the archive of our webcast tonight. We catch everyone up on our goings on the last few days and interview our special guest Beth from Texas Mountain Trail and talk about Van Horn, a supported ride she is starting to organize and some of the challenges of making West Texas a cyclists destination. Thanks everyone who joined in.

Here’s a portrait and a link to Anthony and Kat’s blog, the other cycling couple we met at Hotel El Capitan.

Here’s a link to get your own wool Buff from REI. Purchasing from this link will give us a few coins in kitty.

Here are a few images from Hotel El Capitan, the beautiful cyclist-friendly hotel in Van Horn, TX.