Some snaps and captions from the last few days….

The strange Prada Marfa art installation just outside of Valentine, TX. Someone told us that when the installation first opened, someone broke in and stole everything that was inside. It isn’t a store (the door is sealed and cannot be opened) but an art installation containing pieces from the 2005 Prada collection. Laura noticed that as a counterpoint to the installation, there were many ragged shoes hanging around the fence behind Prada Marfa. Perhaps the locals own comment on the art?

Most of Valentine, TX is closed. Like this abandoned cafe.

One of the few non-private buildings in Valentine (there’s a dentist there now), is the library. One of the local ranch owners helped erect this beautiful small library with a computer lab. With a stroke of good timing, Mr Johnson (the husband of the late Kay Johnson for whom the library was named after) was there giving a tour for some friends. It was a labor of love and many of the books were donated by locals and friends in Austin. At the opening of this library in the middle of almost nowhere, Karl Rove was present and donated the software for the library to keep track of the books.

One of the trailers at El Cosmico where you can rent an old trailer, yurt, teepee or pitch a tent!

The interior of our trailer in El Cosmico. Nice wood paneling and warm!

The outdoor tub that came with our trailer.

The rustic open air shower/bathroom. Probably great in the summer but cold during the winter!

Tumbleweed, the coolest laundromat/cafe/ice cream parlor we’ve been to.