Some photos and captions of the last few days…

We say goodbye to our hosts Rob and Betsy in Mayhill, where they are building their off the grid ranch house!

A photo of the wedding cake decorations on Rob and Betsy’s cake. They’re finally living the dream of moving to the country for real!

We gear up for the freezing weather! Fortunately we’re armed with chemical toe warmers and heavy duty mittens (thanks Mike!).

It is beautiful but cold riding for days!

Soon we find ourselves riding in hail and snow.

We camped at a roadside park in Hope, NM – literally right next to their city hall.

Inside the city hall where we tried to stay warm for a few hours. They let us use their kitchen and WiFi.

It has been nearly unbearably cold but we try to keep our spirits up!

Thanks for following along everyone. Your comments and kind words keep us pedaling.