Just a heads up to all our readers that I’m going to start contributing some tech reviews and tips on the Adventure Cyclist blog! If you can’t tell, I’m a bit of a gear geek and like to keep abreast of the new technology (which can be a bit challenging since we’re constantly moving). I think we’re at a real interesting time in adventure travel, where the experience of something happening and relating it is almost instantaneous. It makes for great vicarious experiences!

So, please check out the my review of TrackMyTour on the Adventure Cyclist blog and leave a comment if you find it helpful or interesting! You can follow our progress on our TMT map here.

Just a quick highlight:

TrackMyTour differs from many current GPS bicycle apps in that it isn’t a “real-time” tracker. It doesn’t turn your iPhone into a Garmin which tracks every single inch of your route. While this may not be ideal for those that are accustomed to more training based applications that records constantly while you are riding, IT IS ideal for the bicycle tourist that plans to go into remote areas or do extended tours. Because of this “bread crumb” method of plotting your route, you are able to conserve the iPhone’s battery life considerably. TrackMyTour also lets you save the waypoints you’ve created and submit them later when you have access to the Internet.

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