We just got back from our presentation and are tired but I wanted to put some photos up. We had a fun time and were really pleased with the turn out and the great questions that everyone asked. It was also great to meet and talk with more readers since we didn’t get much of an opportunity to at our REI event. Thanks Austin for being so supportive!

Some great prizes for attendees!

Good food and drinks provided by the Good Bike Cafe.

Check out this cool folding front rack!

Freewheeling Bicycles had some touring bikes and panniers on display.

There were some truly beautiful bikes there like this Heron built us as a randonneur bike. Our readers have great taste!

A lot of attendees already had racks and panniers and were ready to go touring.

Some classy rides like this one with hard to find Frost River panniers.

A big Riv and a pimped out Surly LHT behind it.

Thanks to Robbie and Mike for providing projection for the presentation.