We’ve spent the last few days in Austin getting to know the town and are really enjoying it. So much of Austin reminds us of Portland that we have to remind ourselves we’re still in Texas! One of our goals while in Austin is to work to continue to fund our trip. So Austin, put us to work!

I’m a photographer that specializes in portrait, documentary and food photography. If anyone needs a corporate or family portrait -send me an email! Or if you own a restaurant and need some great food shots for your website or print ads. One my favorite types of shoots are “day in the life” photo shoots that feel very natural and are a great way to remember family moments. You can click here for a sample.


I’m an art jewelry maker and metalsmith, creating one-of-a-kind pieces that are entirely crafted by hand. My jewelry pairs sterling silver and various found materials, and I hope to spend the next week or so finishing up a series of pieces inspired by our recent travels. I also create custom headbadges and the Bike Mustache, intended to personalize your trusty steed. Take a look at my online shop or shoot me an email!


If you know anyone that might be interested in our services, spread the word!