When we set off on this trip, we both had some random spots that we wanted to roll through. For me, one of those spots was Fort Worth, because I was eager to meet, in person, a fellow jewelry maker that I’d connected with through the magic of the internet.

At first, Russ wasn’t sure he really wanted to go up to Fort Worth, because we both assumed that it would be completely void of any bike anything. And then the RSVPs started rolling in for our presentation, and we found ourselves enjoying the city a whole lot more than we expected!

Ashley and Frank were kind enough to give us a place to stay for a week, and we had a great time getting to know each other in person, swapping stories, and playing Wii. Although they’re not (yet) avid cyclists, they happily rode around town with us (and even rode out to our presentation!). We ate at Angelo’s (fantastic chopped beef sandwich!) and meandered through the Stockyards (complete with a cattle drive!). And they allowed us to introduce them into the deep, dark world of craft-brewed beer.

Ashley also opened up her studio for me, giving me space to work. We chatted about various projects, showed off some pieces and worked side-by-side for a few days. It’s really easy to work in a vacuum as an artist, so it was invaluable for me to spend some time beside someone whose work I really admire.

Ashley also connected us with Myles, who suggested we give a presentation while we were in town. While we were skeptical that anyone would show up, we figured it couldn’t hurt. So, imagine our surprise when over 100 people came out to hear us speak! We’re still a bit in shock. Thanks everyone!

Myles also gave us a great tour of Fort Worth and it’s hidden treasures. We rode part of the Trinity Trails system, rambled through some historic neighborhoods, and stopped into some local shops. Myles also introduced us to the wonderfully wacky Water Gardens.

Fort Worth also helped fuel Russ’ latest obsession… fly fishing! We stopped into Backwoods (a local outdoor gear chain) and discovered that they have an extensive fly fishing department and a fantastic ambassador to the sport who works there. A pile of goodies and a five hour class later, Russ is ready to conquer the wide world of fly fishing!

Many thanks to Ashley and Frank, Myles, Bernie, Bryan, and all the great people who came out to our presentation! You made Fort Worth a heck of a great place to spend a week.