We’ve been swapping out some gear lately and one of our latest additions is the Eton Scorpion radio. I put together a video overview of Eton, discussing some of its major features.

The Eton Scorpion is a great little radio that can be powered via the hand crank or solar cell. We wanted a radio that we could use all the time (especially with the wacky weather in the east) without have to worry about charging batteries. The Eton lets us do that. No more having to purchase new batteries or find an outlet to charge our rechargeables.

Other than the hand crank, the next most desirable feature was the ability to get weather band. In the west, we could see a storm front days ahead. In the east, we have been surprised by many severe thunderstorms that seem to form instantaneously. Having the weather band at our fingertips will let us assess just how bad a front will be.

Another great feature is that the Eton Scorpion can double as a speaker for our iPhone/iPod letting us enjoy a little campfire music. Definitely a luxury.

If you liked our review and want to get an Eton Scorpion of your own, consider buying it through the links on this page. It’ll cost the same to you, but we get a small percentage (imperceptible, really!) of the sale which will keep us on the road longer!