Everything is closer together in the East coast. In the West, we could travel days and weeks before reaching a city of any size. In the East, things are a lot more compressed. We’ve been a little remiss about updates, there has just been so much going on, so here are a few snaps from the last few weeks.

We led a successful overnight bike camping trip in Durham and turned some people on to the joys of bike touring (even super short ones!).

We met Jack and stayed with his family for a few days. He’s a bike commuter and an active bike advocate in Durham.

After hopping a train from Durham, we found ourselves instantly in the East coast. We rode around Baltimore for a few days, getting use to being in dense urban areas again.

We met some folks involved with the Baltimore bike scene and chatted with Tommy Nash, a budding frame builder and part of the Baltimore Bicycle Works worker-owned cooperative.

We took a day trip into Annapolis and stopped by Velo-Orange headquarters.

Then we took a long series of rails to trails conversions and made our way slowly to Philly.

We rode through the beautiful rolling hills of PA.

On one of the rails to trails, we run into some readers who generously take us in for the night. We have a great time talking about adventure and travel.

We stayed with Megan, a reader and energetic entrepreneur, who also happens to be a bike advocate way out in the middle of nowhere PA!

More riding through scenic rails to trails.

We’re now in Philly. We’ve banged out 115 miles in the last two days (which is a lot for us) and are tired. We’re hoping to set up a presentation, do some exploring and get my iPhone fixed (it bit the dust). If you’re in Philly and want to meet up or help us out with a homestay for a day or two, zip us an email!