We’ve been in Durham, NC for the last few days and have been having a blast meeting with several bikey folks. We’ve stayed with a Durham rider who completed Paris-Brest-Paris (thanks Branson!), met several bike commuters and have hung out with a few readers. We have been wanting to do more videos for the site ala Travel Channel (if they don’t come to you, do it yourself) and decided to try it out.

So here’s our first attempt at a little bit more produced video. It’s rough, I know. I’m shooting the video with my Lumix LX3 that has terrible sound and am doing voice-overs through the mic on the computer, but I don’t think its too bad for a first attempt. We hope to do more in the future and perhaps acquire a little better gear.

We hope you like it and if you want to see more, consider hitting the donate button on the right so we can get another hard drive!