As we’ve been traveling, we’ve also been continuing to work. I’ve discovered that making jewelry on the road is more difficult than I imagined, but making headbadges fits in beautifully and is always a fun project for me. What do I love most about making headbadges? The fact that each one is always entirely different and the way that I am continually impressed with the creative ideas that people dream up when requesting a custom badge.

What’s a headbadge? It’s sort of like a hood ornament for a bicycle. It’s usually on your bike’s head tube (hence the name), so that you see it when you look at the very front of the bike. Most modern bikes either don’t come with a headbadge or come with a simple decal of the maker’s logo. I make custom badges so that you can make your bike stand out!

Since they’ve been such a great project for our traveling schedule, I’ve been effectively making headbadges across America! And we thought it’d be great fun to show off some of the creative ideas that I’ve been commissioned to make out of metal.

If you’re interested in your own custom headbadge, drop me an email. (Hint, hint: Custom headbadges make great gifts for birthdays and the upcoming holidays!)