One of the dilemmas of being a cyclist in Portland is that there are so many events going on simultaneously. This weekend, Laura and I split forces. She had a table at BikeCraft, a great handmade bike accessory show and I went bike camping with Cycle Wild to Champoeg State Park. Here are some snaps of both:

Laura’s spread of Bike Mustaches. She used some of our old maps as a table cloth!

We had a copy of our poster there that a lot of people read and related too.

While Laura was at BikeCraft, I joined CycleWild on a winter bike camping trip. When we were on the Springwater trail, we saw the Holiday Express!

I got to camp and ride with some familiar faces from our trip.

Champoeg State Park is open year round and has a hike and bike camp area.

Although it was cold, everyone was in good spirits. The whiskey+maple syrup on the bacon helped too.

On the ride back we went multi-modal, taking the Canby ferry across the river.

It was a wonderful weekend to ride. The sun was out and it was dry, albeit a touch cold. It was great to see so many people undeterred by a little winter camping. The CycleWild bunch is a great group and we hope to do more rides with them in the future.

It was great to connect with readers and old friends this weekend. It reminds us of how fortunate we’ve been during our travels. We’re still planning a few presentations in the PNW (Portland and Seattle). So stay tuned and keep reading for our next wacky adventure. We’ve got some great plans in the works.