Our bags are half-packed and we’re ready for Austin. If you’re going to be in town and want to meet up, contact us! The response to help us out with homestays in Austin has been amazing. So thank you again, Texas!

Aside from NAHBS, food and visiting with bike people we connected with the last time around, we’re also hoping to do a little work. Laura has just relaunched her site and business to focus more on custom headbadges. While she’s not planning to carry her tools with her on this trip, she will be passing out cards at NAHBS and is always happy to connect with folks in town to talk about the finer points of making headbadges.

Note the Freewheeling Bicycles shirt under the apron : )

I’m bringing camera gear to do reporting for the NAHBS site, but to also do some photography work. We’ll be on a tight schedule once we get into town, but we’re always happy to connect. So shoot me an email if you want to do some family portraits or need other photo work. Every bit helps us prepare for the next leg of our trip.

Speaking of which, I know we’ve been vague and hinting about where or what we’re doing next. We’ll have some fun news to announce around NAHBS weekend that should delight and surprise some readers. If anyone wants to get together while we are in town, send us an email, or a message on Twitter or Facebook. We always love meeting up with readers to talk about touring!