Before video, photography and writing, I used to draw. Lots. I put away the pencil and paper a long time ago, but was still able to absorb a fair amount from my dad, who is a fine art painter. It’s funny that, decades later, I find myself doodling again. Part of it is a desire to capture and describe our trip in a more intimate way and part of it is to do something that doesn’t require so much technology. I’m rusty and there are far more talented bicycle touring illustrators out there.

However, a chance meeting with Dan Price of Moonlight Chronicles really inspired me to give drawing another shot. His work is simple but emotive and flows seamlessly with his text. Reading one of his chronicles feels like reading someone’s journal (because it actually is!) – intimate and personal – which is such a refreshing change from the mechanical blogosphere. So I’ve picked up a fistful of pens and have already filled up two notebooks full of sketches and badly-drawn attempts at sketches.

All this drawing has also given us the inspiration for our next project! We were already planning to do a Brompton Touring e-book – but we have decided to up the ante and create an illustrated guide, with doodles and vignettes, that will be available as a printed zine or an electronic PDF.

Our goal is to have it done by Interbike (a month away!) and to launch and start selling them at the show. The illustrated guide will have lots of tips and tricks that we’ve learned about touring with a Brompton, as well as a mix of portraits, short stories and even a few trip suggestions. The goal will be to create a bicycle touring e-book that doesn’t feel so e-book-y. Something personal, intimate and unique. Something different from all the other bike touring e-books out there! We hope you’ll like this direction for our next publishing effort. Email us or leave comments for any suggestions.