Where can you find sheep, glaciers, meat pies, and a government that’s actively trying to entice bike travelers? The same place that you’ll find us in a few days… New Zealand!

That’s right, on Sunday, we fly to New Zealand! We’ve been keeping this a secret for so long, as we’ve been working through a lot of the details. We have so much that we want to share about our plans overseas, but for now we wanted to finally reveal our next travel destination.

We’re taking our faithful Bromptons with us as we spend the next several months exploring both islands. And we’ll be connecting with cycling advocates and tourism officials across the country. What’s it like to be a cyclist in New Zealand? What are all these great new facilities for bike travelers that we keep hearing about? How long does it take to learn how to ride on the left side of the street?

We’re also simply excited to follow Summer and go back to camping and fishing and trying new foods. As we explore New Zealand as a cycle touring destination, we’ll be continuing the video series that we started this summer in Eastern Oregon. We’ve even teamed up with Bicycle Times magazine! You’ll find our videos both here and on their website, but you’ll have to check out their site for exclusive behind-the-scenes information.

We’ll post more details soon (we’re working on a video!). In the meantime, let us know of anyone you think we should connect with while we’re in New Zealand. We arrive in Auckland on Tuesday and would love to meet up with some local folks!

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