When we first set out to do the Kiwi Chronicles it was because I wanted to record our journeys in a different way. We have written and photographed our adventures since 2009 so video seemed like the next logical step. Our years on the road has taught us that good storytelling on the road is harder than it looks. Lots of factors are against you. For starters, you’re riding your bike most of the day and when you pull into camp, firing up the laptop and editing photos, videos and writing copy are usually the last things you want to do. Also, sometimes it can be challenging to find just the right person to tell the right story. Some stories are great but are too large and nuanced for certain media, or they are interesting, but don’t add to the overall narrative arc and you have to cull it, or sometimes the story you thought you wanted to tell changes beneath your feet.

In the end, I’m pretty proud of the video series we put together. It took lots of hard work constantly setting up shots, talking into the camera when you don’t feel like it, searching for people to interview and editing editing editing. Travel videos can easily be too solipsistic and I wanted the video to be more than just about us kvetching about hills and wind and I think we achieved that. It was all on the job training, so to speak. I had literally got a hold of the camera and audio gear about four days before we were to hop the plane. In the middle of the trip I was teaching myself Final Cut Pro (episodes 1 and two were put together in iMovie and the rest in FCPX). I like to think that as the series progresses, the videos get a little bit better each time. There are massive amounts of footage, interviews and vignettes that were cut. I’ll probably put together a few more shorts from it all.

For now, sit back and enjoy the complete Kiwi Chronicles from beginning to end. Special thanks has to be given again to Bicycle Times and Adventure Cycling for partnering on the series.

Kiwi Chronicles: The Prologue

This video lays out the basic purpose of our trip – to learn about the new NZ Cycle Trail program and explore bike culture. YouTube

EP1 – To The Edge of the World

In this video, we box up our Bromptons and head for the airport. It’s a LONG plane trip. We also get use to riding on the left side of the road. YouTube

EP2 – Cycling the Super City

In this episode, we explore Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city. It is a far cry from The Shire! For all its car-centricness we do find bike culture, meet the mayor and partake in the historic Harbor Bridge Ride. YouTube

EP3 – On the Road Again

After being on Waiheke island for more than a week, we finally hit the road and do some riding! We take a ferry to the Coromandel and come up against a big gut busting hill! YouTube

EP4 – The Forgotten World Highway

In this episode, we experience our first Kiwi Christmas. We also ride the Forgotten World Highway, one of NZ’s Great Rides. We have a chat with the team behind the new cycle trail network in New Zealand and Jonathan Kennett, a reknowned bicycle advocate in NZ. YouTube

EP5 – Bicycling in Nelson

In this episode, we discover NZ’s most bike friendly town, Nelson! Not only is it great for biking, it also has great beer (reminds you of a few places like that in the states right?). We talk to an artist turned bike tour operator and a local businessman who built a ferry to serve cyclists and pedestrians. YouTube

EP6 – The New Gold Rush

In this episode we learn the story behind the trail that started it all – the Central Otago Rail Trail. Its success in revitalizing a dying region in NZ, was what inspired the cycle the government push for a cycle trail network. YouTube

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