Things have been a little quiet on the site lately, but that is because we’ve been busy getting settled in Portland. After a month and a half of couch surfing we finally moved into an apartment with a roommate. As we get situated, one of our goals is to advocate for bike travel. One component of that is making sure there are safer intercity roads for cyclists and Adventure Cycling’s US Bicycle Route System is instrumental to that end. They are doing a fundraiser this month and need your support. Since our main asset on the site is storytelling, I decided to create a real short animated video about why we support USBRS.

Organizing a project of this scale is a kin to cat herding on a national level and we’re glad that Ginny Sullivan of Adventure Cycling is taking it on. A US Bicycle Route system doesn’t just benefit bicycle tourists, but local communities as well. We saw this first hand in New Zealand with their cycle trail network. Many routes that were built for tourists were being widely used by local residents. Go to their fundraising page and support them today.