Here’s a sneak peek at one of the video projects we’ve been working on. Oregon is about to launch the nation’s first state-wide bike friendly business recognition program targeted specifically towards bike travelers. This is huge! With a new study that cites that bicycling contributes $400 MILLION dollars a year (a little more than a million dollars a day), Oregon is getting serious about making it even easier for people to come to the state and recreate by bike.

We’ve been tasked with interviewing businesses who are bike friendly (and have seen the economic rewards of welcoming cyclists) and creating a piece to inspire other businesses around the state. We’ve had a chance to sit down with business owners large and small, from a B&B in Salem to the VP of operations at Chris King to the head roaster at Stumptown. Although we’ve got a few solid interviews in the can, we really want to knock this video out of the park. It really is becoming a passion project. So if you’re a business in Oregon (specifically a lodging property, restaurant or retail) that is bike friendly, contact us for a possible interview!