Merit Badges going in the mail.

Last week, we introduced our #RideBikesTravelDoGood merit badges. The idea was to recognize people who are making the bike travel world a better place, and encourage all of us to keep paying it forward. The response to our call has been incredible, heartening, and encouraging. And we thought we’d share some of what we’ve gleaned so far…

1. There are a lot of people building the bike community.
Even though it’s happening largely under the radar of any big media, you all are already out there, spreading the bike love. From leading rides and supporting new riders, to volunteering on bike-ped committees and hosting travelers – the breadth of work that’s happening to grow a bike-friendly world is astounding.

“Whenever there is a chance to promote biking she is there – with her bike, doing it.”
“His enthusiasm for bicycling is undeniable and contagious.”
“I can’t imagine someone more passionate about bicycle life, including touring and helping others”

2. You all are eager for a way to say Thank You.
In almost every email we’ve received, there’s some variation of “I can never repay them.” You have been inspired, educated, and supported by some truly wonderful people – and there hasn’t been a mechanism to honor their contribution.

“The generosity and friendship shown by these two to me is beyond what I could ever repay or even dream possible. When I see them do the same for strangers, I am humbled and reminded that while we ride to get away from it all, we also ride to build the kind of community in which we want to live.”

3. This isn’t as niche as we thought.
We had this wacky idea to make some patches and offer them up as a merit badge. We thought we’d receive a few responses, probably nominating many of the same folks we want to honor. Instead, our email inbox is full of stories about everyday heroes across the world. We are humbled to learn about and honor these people. But, wow, we need to order more patches!

“Cycling is moving in a fantastic direction and it’s our duty to raise awareness and get more people interested and motivated to bike more often.”

Thank you to everyone who has nominated your personal bike heroes! Please continue to send us stories of the inspirational folks in your lives, so we can continue to honor them. Instructions to nominate someone for a #RideBikesTravelDoGood merit badge are here.