On our way back from Idaho, we drove a portion of the TransAM and Old West Scenic Bikeway to check up on some business owners we know along the route to see how their season was going. One of the biggest surprises was Mitchell, OR. When we pedaled through five years ago, we were enamored with old buildings and general quirkiness of the town, but we did wish it had a few more services. On this visit, we were thrilled to see that some locals had started renovating some of the buildings and that a new local brewery and food cart had opened! Check out the video below and learn a little town history and the plans for Tiger Town Brewing.

We also got a chance to get a tour of Spoke’n Hostel from Pat. The Spoke’n Hostel is the latest incarnation of a trend we’ve seen of small communities along popular bicycle routes creating lodging for cyclists to help generate an overnight stay. Pat and his wife added lots of awesome little touches to the hostel like privacy curtains around the beds, charging stations for devices and little welcome placards for cyclists who booked a bed. They did an awesome job and it might be one of the best examples of a bicycle hostel we’ve seen in the US! Check out the vid below to get a tour.