A couple of months ago we did some filming for MeetMeInKlamath to promote bicycling in the area. The video is finally live! The shoot was ambitious and hectic since the area has so many bicycling assets. There is everything from mellow road rides at the Running Y Resort, mountain biking through a lunar landscape on the High Lakes Trail, epic gravel rides around Hagelstein County Park and newly built singletrack trails on Spence Mountain (you can find out specific route details at RideKlamathRide.com. For the shoot we worked with dedicated locals to scout locations as well as be talent for the video. It was an immense group effort where we got up at chilly predawn hours to get the best morning light and shot late to capture the sunset. All the while we were constantly adjusting our schedule to avoid wildfire smoke that was creeping into the area.

Looking back, it was a crazy week of long hours but we are really proud of the end result. Our clients were so pleased with the video that it’s going to run as a TV spot! Check out the video and let us know what you think. If you do take a bike vacation in Klamath County, be sure to bring all your bikes.