We’ve gotten the chance to use a lot of different racks and bags over the years, but there are a few pieces that truly stand the test of time: the Tubus Logo Evo Rear Rack is one them. It’s sort of strange to review something I’ve owned for almost a decade, but it is THAT good. Check out the video for our thoughts. For those that would rather read than watch, here is the executive summary:

Tubular Stays

The Tubus uses tubular rod stays that connect to the seat stays on the bike. Not only are they very adjustable, but they make for a stiffer rack. Racks that use flexible aluminum bar stays have a tendency to sway under load. The Tubus is rock solid.

Fender Eyelets
The Tubus Logo Evo has a second pair of eyelets on the rack for mounting fenders. This is huge if you have a bike with only a single pair of eyelets. You now don’t have to choose if you want a rack or fenders – you can run both.

Flat Top Shelf
The top of the Tubus rack is flat and this allows you to slide a load close to the seatpost and closer to the center of mass. This is particularly good for long objects like tents and fishing rods!

Double Rail System
This version of the Tubus has dual rails. This allows a lot of flexibility on where you position your load but also allows you to remove things from the top shelf independently of the bottom rails!

Light Mount
The Logo Evo Rear Rack has drillings for a standard dual hole Eurpoean tail light. Also, since the mounting plate is flat, with a little electrical tape you can build up a base that can also mount a blinky light with a rear clip.