In this video, I review the Feedback Sports Sprint Stand, considered a “euro-style” stand, it supports the bike from the bottom bracket and front fork rather than from the seat post or frame.

For those that would rather read than watch a video, here is the executive summary:

-Adjustability. Easy to lower and raise the bike as well as spin it to access all parts of the bike without moving.
-Durability. This repair stand is solid! Built to last for the long haul.
-Portable. About the size of a large tripod when folded down, it is the perfect stand for events or road trips.

-Not intuitive. Locking in the boom arm is easy but not intuitive. The included hardware to mount different front forks is versatile, but not labeled. Seasoned mechanics will have no problem, but new home users may have issues.
-Not fender friendly. If you work on bikes with full coverage fenders, you will have to remove the front fender to mount.
-Takes slightly longer to mount a bike when compared to a clamp style repair stand.

Get your own Feedback Sports Sprint Stand here!