In this video I review the Gevenalle GX shifters from Portland, OR. They are a unique take on the brifter and while a little idiosyncratic in use, they do offer some unique benefits. For those that would rather read than watch a vide, here is the executive summary:

-Easy Installation. If you can install bar end shifters, you can install these no problem.
-Shift a Shimano mountain bike with drop bars! Finally!
-Simple and robust design. Not a whole lot to go wrong here, perfect for touring in remote places. Less susceptible to dirt and dust.
-Huge gear jumps. Probably the only shifter where you can shift up and down the entire cassette in one move.
-Works well with rando bags and handlebar bags. Cable routing is more forgiving than other brifters.
-Friction mode! Envisioned as a bail out for CX racers it has a ton of other uses! Bent derailleur hanger? No problem. Non Shimano derailleur? No problem. Free yourself from group set tyranny!

-Shifting takes some getting use to. It will take you a few rides to figure out how you should shift. No biggie though.
-Can’t shift from the drops. Unless you have go go Gadget fingers, it’s just not going to happen.
-Slight tendency to overshift in some gears. The chain will rub, but you can trim it back with the shifter. Not a huge problem, but something to be aware of.
-Availability. If you want them and see them in stock, buy them! Availability can be spotty.

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