Our goal is to increase visitation to communities through bicycling. We do this by telling the story of a destination from a bicycling perspective, while also highlighting the complementary activities that encourage longer stays.

Since 2012*, we’ve had the privilege of working with a variety of destinations, from a single community to a whole state, and we understand the importance of identifying the unique offerings that will speak to the target demographic. We’re also deeply committed to showcasing diversity in every project.

“The Travel Oregon team is grateful to have [Russ and Laura’s] expertise in storytelling, photography and videography that shoots straight from the heart and captures the true essence of why one should get on two-wheels to see the world.” – Kristin Dahl, Director of Destination Development, Travel Oregon

Highlights from our recent client work:
• Promotional videos and supporting content for each Scenic Bikeway; Travel Oregon
• Public outreach video series about the Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail; Oregon Department of Transportation
• Photography and written content about bicycling in Iowa: Wabash Trace, Decorah, Grinnell; Travel Iowa
• Promotional video about Cycling in the Southwest; Visit El Paso and Las Cruces CVB

Custom content marketing packages include high-quality photography, written articles, and public-facing video.

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*While our focus is currently about bicycling, we have a combined 25+ years of diverse work experience in design and marketing.