About Us

Finding and promoting great destinations. Mostly by bike.

We are drawn to unlikely destinations. Places that aren’t {yet} on the radar – for cycling, fly fishing, trail running, camping, and general exploring. The smaller and quieter the destination, the better.

Laura and Russ: travelers and storytellers.

Since 2009, our travels have introduced us to hundreds of unique places.. from small communities with great roads for riding.. to wide open landscapes with streams full of trout. And, as we have traveled, we have shared the stories of these places and adventures.

Using our skills in storytelling, we work with communities and tourism partners, to build strong destinations and attract active travelers.

“Russ and Laura are engaging, enthusiastic and their passion for bicycle tourism is contagious.” – Brooke Miller, Social Media Manager, Iowa Economic Development Authority

3 years. 15,000 miles. Hundreds of small and rural communities.

Our story began in 2009, when we sold everything we owned to travel by bike. We spent three years pedaling across the US and New Zealand, connecting with beautiful landscapes and kind-hearted people – all while sharing stories from our travels, with the goal of inspiring others to also travel by bike.

Along the way, we began to see how bicycle travel can bring economic development to rural areas – and we began to connect with community members and rural tourism advocates to develop and grow the concept of bicycle tourism.

As proponents of bicycle tourism, we have been introduced to an even-greater array of small and rural destinations. We have met with community leaders and trail builders and tourism professionals, listening to regional struggles and speaking about the potential of bicycle tourism. We have seen incredible community efforts that have become models for other destinations (and some not-so-successful efforts). We have worked through the challenges of marketing small destinations to a niche audience. And, through it all, we have continued to collect and share these stories – so we might all learn together and build a bicycle-travel-friendly world.


Ride Bikes. Travel. Do Good.

As travelers, we have received a lot of generous hospitality – and it’s important to us to pay it forward. To that end, we have taken on a number of volunteer and advocacy roles to help improve conditions for future bicycle travelers.

• In 2015, we launched our #RideBikesTravelDoGood campaign, aimed at recognizing people who are making the bicycle travel world better.

• In 2013, we participated in Travel Oregon’s Bike-Friendly Business Program Working Group, which helped launch the nation’s first bike-friendly business program geared toward travelers.

• Laura is currently an At-Large Board Member of The Bicycle Tour Network (2015-present), and has helped organize the annual National Bicycle Tourism Conference since 2014.


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